Junior Blues Swim Caregiver and Tot


Program Information

Age:  6 months - 3 years, with caregiver

The primary goals of this class are basic water orientation and having fun. Each child must be accompanied by a caregiver (1:1). Children who are not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers. This class is taught in the Teach pool or 25 yd pool, both of these pools have a water temperature of 84F and easy access for caregivers with children. Lifesaving Society's Parent and Tot 1 (6m-12m), 2 (12m-24m), and 3 (2-3yrs) are taught. For this class, the ratio is one child to one guardian.  Children can participate in the class until they are 3 years old and ready for Preschool A level.




Frequently Asked Questions - Junior Blues Swim Caregiver and Tot.

What general information do I need to know?

  • Children must shower and should use the washrooms and blow their nose before the start of class.
  • Participants should meet their instructor on the deck near the pool.
  • Health regulations prohibit street shoes, food, glass containers, and drink on the pool deck.
  • Junior Blues Aquatics progress cards and stickers are included. 
  • During the designated parent conference week, classes will end 5 minutes early to give parents the opportunity to speak with the instructors about their child’s progress. Please give your instructor your past Junior Blues Aquatics Progress Booklet during this time.
  • Watch for posted signs about photo week and other important dates!

How do I enter the facility?

Swimming classes are held in the Varsity (50m) pool, the teach pool, and the Benson (25 yds) pool. At the Athletic Centre, in order to enter through the main doors, you must have a GREEN facility access pass. Please ensure that you leave enough time before the start of class to pick up your pass on the first day if you would like to enter through the main turnstiles.

All Aquatics programs and participants at Athletic Centre: Remember that if you leave the premises for any reason and wish to re-enter through the main turnstiles you will need to show your green access pass every time. Again, please ensure that you leave sufficient time to anticipate lineups at the Main Office if you require a replacement pass.

What should my child and I wear and bring

  • Bathing suit and towel.
  • Long hair should be tied back.
  • Goggles are permitted but not required.
  • Children who are not toilet trained need to be wearing a swim diaper to prevent any solid matter from entering the pool. Please inform the instructor immediately if your child does have an accident in the pool.
  • Children who are cold in the water may wear a thermal bathing suit or tightly-fitted undershirt to help stay warm.
  • No outdoor shoes are permitted on deck.

What is the ratio of swimmers to instructors?

Caregiver and Tot Swim: up to10 children & caregivers: 1 Instructor

Locations and Change Rooms

The swimming pool location for your child's lesson (25 yds or Teach Pool) is indicated on your receipt.

What change rooms can I use before coming to the pool?

Children five and under may use either changing room with adult supervision.

Children five and under may use either change room under adult supervision.

Children six and over must use gender-specific changerooms matching a person's gender identity or privacy change rooms .

All children under 12 must be supervised by adults in change rooms.

The family change room is located across from the 50m Varsity Pool office. We also have a gender-neutral change stall located outside the 25 yd/Benson pool


Questions? Contact the Coordinator of Aquatics and Program Administration at 416-978-5845 or via email at junior.blues@utoronto.ca