Fitness Assessment for Children Using Life Sized Connect 4 (ages 11-12 years)

Our study is exploring whether combining physical activity and thinking in a fun game can improve brain function in children who are 11-12 years old!

What your participation will involve: 

  • Children participating in this study will be scheduled for two 45-60 minute visits in the INfant and Child Health Lab at U of T
  • In visit one, we will ask children to perform some fitness assessments. In visit two, children will be randomly assigned to either (1) Physical activity using a life-sized Connect 4 board, (2) Physical activity with bingo dabbers, and (3) Cognitive activity with normal sized Connect 4 
  • Before and after the activity, we will ask children how they are feeling, and we will give them 3 games to do that assess brain functioning
  • You will receive $10 for each appointment and reimbursement for travel and parking costs 


For more information, or to schedule an assessment, please email:

Rheanna at