Jack Goodman

Jack Goodman, Professor, Cardiac Health & Exercise

  • Professor, Cardiac Health & Exercise
55 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6

About Jack

Academic Training

PhD, University of Toronto, 1987 

MSc, University of Toronto, 1983 

BPHE, University of Toronto, 1981 

Graduate Student Recruitment Status
Accepting PhD and MSc students
Research Interests

Cardiac and hemodynamic response to prolonged exercise

Central and peripheral limitations to exercise

Cardiac rehabilitation

Exercise and heart failure  

Selected Publications

*Indicates research published by trainee

Wright* S, Granton JT, Esfandiari* S, Goodman J, & Mak S. (2016). The relationship of pulmonary vascular resistance and compliance to pulmonary artery wedge pressure during submaximal exercise in healthy older adultsJ Physiol, 594: 3307–3315.

Goodman J, Banks* L, Thomas S, & Burr J. (2016). The Acute Risks of Exercise in Apparently Healthy Adults and Relevance for Prevention of Cardiovascular Events. Canadian J Cardiology, 32:523-532.

Wright* S, Sasson Z, Granton J, Chelvanathan A, Esfandiari* S, Fuchs P, Goodman J, & Mak S. (2016) The Pulmonary Artery Wedge Pressure Response to Submaximal Exercise is Time-variant in Healthy, Older AdultsHeart, 102: 438-443.    

Goodman, J., Banks*, L., Thomas, S. & Burr, J. (2016). The acute risks of exercise in apparently healthy adults and relevance for prevention of cardiovascular events. Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 32(4), 523-532.

O’Donnell*, E., Goodman, J. M., Morris, B., Floras, J. F. & Harvey, P. (2015). Augmented vagal heart rate modulation in active hypoestrogenic premenopausal women with functional hypothalamic amenorrheaClinical Science, 129(10), 885-893.

Wright*, S., Mak, S., Gray*, T., Sasson, Z., Chelvanathan, A., Esfandiari*, S., Fuchs, P. & Goodman, J. M. (2015). Left atrial phasic function interacts to support left ventricular filling during exercise in healthy athletesJournal of Applied Physiology, 119(4), 328-33.

Alter DA, O’Sullivan M, Oh PI, Redelmeier DA, Marzolini S, Liu R, Forhan M, Silver M, Goodman J, & Bartel L. (2015).Synchronized personalized music audio-playlists to improve adherence to physical activity among patients participating in a structured exercise program: a proof-of-principle feasibility studySports Medicine Open, 1(1), 23.

O’Donnell E*, Goodman J, Mak S, Murai H, Floras J, & Harvey P. (2015). Discordant Orthostatic Reflex Renin-Angiotensin and Sympathoneural Responses in Premenopausal Exercising-Hypoestrogenic Women. In press, Hypertension, 65: 1089-1095.

Mitchell M, Goodman J, Alter D, Oh P, Faulkner G. (2016). The feasibility of financial incentives to increase exercise among canadian cardiac rehabilitation patientsJ Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prev, 36:28-32.

Mitchell* M, Goodman J, Alter D, Oh P, & Faulkner G. (2015). Development of the Health Incentive Program Questionnaire (HIP-Q) in a cardiac rehabilitation populationTranslational Behavioral Medicine, 5(4):443-459.

Professional Memberships

Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program, University of Toronto 

Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, University of Toronto

Ontario Camps Association

R.Tait McKenzie Honour Society