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Catherine Amara, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Muscle Health

  • Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • Director, Undergraduate Studies
55 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6

About Catherine

Academic Training

Postdoctoral Fellow University of Washington, 2001-07 

Ph.D. University of Western Ontario, 2001 

MSc. Queen's University, 1995 

BSc. York University, 1993

Research Interests

Muscle health and functional capacity in aging and food restriction/anorexia

Mitochondrial function

Cardiorespiratory physiology

Exercise tolerance

DXA-derived bone mineral density and soft tissue composition in humans and small animals

Selected Publications

Gairdner, SE and Amara, CE.  Serum leptin is not correlated with body fat in severe food restriction.  Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.  Accepted 2012.
Amara CE, Marcinek DJ, Shankland EG, Schenkman KA, Arakaki LSL, Conley KE.  Mitochondrial function in vivo: spectroscopy provides window on cellular energetics.  Methods 46(4):312-318, 2008. 
Marro KI, Lee D, Shankland EG, Mathis CM, Hayes CE, Amara CE, Kushmerick MJ.  Synthetic signal injection using inductive coupling.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance 194(1):67-75, 2008.
Marcinek DJ, Amara CE, Matz K, Conley KE, Schenkman KA. Wavelength shift analysis: a simple method to determine the contribution of hemoglobin and myoglobin to in vivo optical spectra. Applied Spectroscopy 61(6):665-9, 2007. 
Conley KE, Jubrias SA, Amara CE, Marcinek DJ. Mitochondrial dysfunction: impact on exercise performance and cellular aging. Exercise Sport Science Reviews 35(2):43-9, 2007. 
Amara CE, Shankland EG, Jubrias SA, Marcinek DJ, Conley KE. Mild mitochondrial uncoupling impacts cellular aging in human muscles in vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104(3):1057-62, 2007. 
Conley KE, Amara CE, Jubrias SA, Marcinek DJ. Mitochondrial function, fibre types and ageing: new insights from human muscle in vivo. Experimental Physiology 92(2):333-9, 2006. 
Amara CE, Rice CL, Koval JJ, Paterson DH, Winter EM, Cunningham DA. Allometric Scaling of strength in an independently living population age 55-86 years. American Journal of Human Biology 15(1):48-60, 2003. 
Amara CE, Koval JJ, Paterson DH, Cunningham DA. Lung function in older humans: contribution of fat-free mass and physical activity and smoking. Annals of Human Biology 28(5):522-36, 2001.

Professional Memberships

American College of Sports Medicine

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology