2021 KPE Reception for Scholars celebrates students, honours donors


On Thursday evening, the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education came together in an annual celebration of the academic achievements of its students and the generosity of donors who support them. Hosted by Tom Babits, the president of the KPE alumni association, the event was delivered online in order to reach KPE’s global community and to keep everyone safe during COVID-19.

“As a former student of the Faculty, I know how much hard work and dedication is required to shine as brightly as these students do,” said Babits. “It isn’t easy to balance work, home life, a social life and extra-curricular activities, but the students being honoured here this evening have managed to pull it off with incredible grace and leadership.”

On behalf of the alumni association, Babits congratulated students on their academic success and thanked donors for their generosity and support of the KPE students and community. 

Professor Gretchen Kerr, dean of KPE, reiterated the Faculty’s commitment to develop, advance and disseminate knowledge about physical activity and health, saying the importance of this mission has never been more urgent given what we now know about the benefits of healthy active living and the costs of physical inactivity. 

“The scientific support is unequivocal,” she said. “Those who participate in co-curricular physical activity and sports programs are likely to reap huge benefits for their academic experience, health, social networks and leadership skills. 

“This evening, we honour the students, who reflect the Faculty’s mission, and the donors, who support it. There are many worthy causes in need of support and we are privileged and appreciative of the generosity that extends to supporting the outstanding achievements of students in our Faculty.”

Zeana Hamdonah, a first year doctoral student working with KPE Assistant Professor Janelle Joseph in the Indigeneity, Diaspora, Equity and Anti-Racism in Sport (IDEAS) Research Lab, delivered a message on behalf of the graduate student award winners. 

The beneficiary of this year’s Bruce Kidd Social Science and Humanities Fellowship, Hamdonah’s goal is to become a university professor after graduation. 

“The graduate journey is long and testing, but with the support of our donors, my peers and I come one step closer to achieving our academic dreams,” she said. “Receiving the Bruce Kidd Social Science and Humanities Fellowship reassures me that my academic contributions are being recognized and for that I am extremely grateful.”

Stephanie Sarke, a fourth year student in the bachelor of kinesiology program and current president of the KPE Undergraduate Association, spoke on behalf of the undergraduate student award recipients.

“The past four years at KPE have been an incredible experience and I’m so grateful to all the donors,” she said. “The scholarships and bursaries I have received over the years have been a tremendous help in moving me closer to achieving my future dreams. My placement with the David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic this past year inspired me to pursue a career in physiotherapy or a related healthcare field after graduation. Thank you for helping students like me succeed.”

Following the official portion of the program, student award recipients and award representatives were matched in virtual rooms for a meet and greet, and a continuation of the celebration.

The following graduate students were recognized with awards:

Camille Van Dyk - Anne Hewett Scholarship in Physical Education Administration
Melissa deJonge - B. Evans and J. Daniel Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) in Physical/Health Education
Maeghan James, Steven Hirsch, Damian Matricciano Manzone, Aalaya Sahar Milne and Roxy Helliker O'Rourke - Bertha Rosenstadt Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) awards 
Zeana Hamdonah and Francesca Principe - Bruce Kidd Social Science and Humanities Fellowship 
Kirsten Hutt - Carol Anne Letheren Fellowship 
Danielle Corallo - Carter Family Fellowship in Defence Sciences Research 
Eric Williamson - Dr. Roy Shephard Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Physical/Health Education
Marc Sicova, Adam Di Salvo, Stephanie Small and Rozhan Momen - Dr. Terry Kavanagh Fellowship
Alexa Govette and Madeline Lauren Voss - Glenn H. Carter Fellowship in Exercise Intervention and Disease Prevention 
Tea Christopoulos - Graduate Fellowship for Research in Health and Physical Activity and Gretchen Kerr PhD Scholarship 
Aalaya Sahar Milne - Guinness Fellowship in High Performance Sport
Hediyeh Karimian - M.R. Wright and Family Fellowship in High Performance Sport
Priya Sunil Brahmbhatt - Margaret Eaton Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) in Physical/Health Education 
Maryam Yvonne Marashi - Marie Parkes Fellowship for Research in Women's Health and Physical Activity 
Pratham Singh - Robin B. Campbell GSEF Fellowship
Devanee Dewey - Romet Family Scholarship 
Leah Polyhronopoulos - Warren Goldring Fellowship
Delaney Thibodeau, Anthonia Aina and Jonathan Aguilera - Weinbaum Family Foundation Scholarship

The Ira Jacobs Graduate Fellowship in Sport and Exercise Science is a new award, which will be awarded to a student beginning his or her graduate studies in September 2022. 

The following KPE graduate students were recognized with external awards:

Devin Bonk, Kristen Lucibello and Maryam Yvonne Marashi - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Scholarship (SSHRC)
Denice Bell, Rachel Crook and Sophie Wensel - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Masters Scholarship (SSHRC)
Maggie Chen and Alyssa Neville - Canadian Institute of Health Research Masters Scholarship (CIHR)

The following undergraduate students were recognized with awards:

Nicholas Markakos and Tsz Wing Tiffany Tiu - KPE Alumni Shield 
Bonnie Vuong - Barbara Drinkwater Award 
Yasmin Fattahi - Beverly Vickers Leadership Award
Anna Baker - Bennett Admission Scholarship
Jasmine C Lew - The Bradley Award 
Nikhil Aman Patel - Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Undergraduate Student Award 
Andrei Uzumtoma - Charles and Ena Reeve Memorial Award 
Nash Henderson Le Good - Dalt and Marnie White Award 
Sephora Rose Sandor - David B. Cooper Award. 
Callan Mary Tierney McAlpine and William Barringer Torrance - Dean's Scholarship 
Muhammad Zawar Patel - Dr. Donald H.H. Mackenzie Entrance Scholarship 
Daniel Basile - Eva McDonald Memorial Prize 
Milena Pilipovic - Fitness Institute Scholarship 
Nikhil Aman Patel - Governor General Silver Medal Nominee 
Emilie Yasmin Daroga and Lauren Norma Martha Wilcox - Jean Forster Entrance 
Katrin Kazimirov - John Logan Memorial Award 
Taylor Sonja Anne Wilcox - Judy Goldring Entrance Scholarship 
Jonaline Bernal, Esha Hans and Vickie Ya Xin Tse - Juri V. Daniel In-Course Scholarship 
Fiona Xiao Feng Huang, Stephanie Sarker and Mandy Tarng-Ning Wang - KPE Alumni Leadership Award 
Christine Marie Oppedisano, Cassidy Li, Leah Shein and Maria Silvia Stoica - KPE Alumni Scholarship 
Nasya Zoe Sequeira - Lester B. Pearson International Scholar 
Nino Nikolovski - M.G. Griffiths Leadership Award 
Beata Carlotta Friesen - Mavis E. Berridge Scholarship 
Jenna Larissa Principe - Mike Furlong Award
Ysabella Jayne Willett - Paul Carson Student Leadership Award 
Kyla Ann Jersey Breen, Joud Dabous and Kianah Maiya Murao - President’s Scholar of Excellence
Mohammadamin Mostofinejad - Professor John Flowers Award. 
Somachi Augusten Agbapu and Olivia Danielle Hilton - Raptors Foundation Awards 
Jamie Han Yu - Robert Goode Entrance Scholarship. 
Erica Maria Jacqueline Petrucci - Sheryn Posen Entrance Scholarship 
Brittany Amanda Wu - Social Sciences and Humanities Award 
Jaynee Lie - Spirit of 0T3 Faculty Advancement Award 
Avleen K Bains and Navraj Singh Brar - Spirit Of '62 Award 
Joshua Dame, Nigel Lawrence McLeod LeGood, Ava Marie Danica Vandenbelt, Sasha Armand Renton De Lannoy and Sum Yi Chong - U of T In-Course Scholarships 
Khaldoun Alkiswani, Lucas Neves Azevedo, Lillian Elise Brooks, Yoonjoo Cho, Garrett Ryan Ellis, Gavin Matthew Gibbs, Ayra Mishal Hasany, Nicole Ying-Juin Hoh, I Cheng Renee Hon, Olivia Jasionowska, Nash Henderson Le Good, Rou Yi Lin, Zirui Liu, Emilie Elise Miller, Tammy Nhu Phung, Matthew Jonathan Prenevost, Dilan Kaur Sidhu, William Barringer Torrance, Geyang Ye and Joaquina Chin Nga Yuen -  U of T Scholars Award
Nash Henderson Le Good - C. David Naylor University Scholarship 
Kyla Ann Jersey Breen and Emilie Elise Miller - Wenda Kwong Admission Scholarship 
Sophia Masterson-Pinedo, Nigel LeGood and Nino Nikolovski - Wenda Kwong Award 
Oswa Ahmed - Zerada Slack Leadership Award 

The following students were inducted into the R. Tait McKenzie Society: 

Sum Yi Chong 
Sum Yuet Chong
Joey Alessandro Ficocelli
Rebecca Yenn Kay Chan
Rylan Rose Curtis
Nino Nikolovski
Clara Rivaya Salvadores
Maria Silvia Stoica
Anastasia Vujicic 
Yang Zheng 
Vattanpreet Godhian
Anessa Koussiouris
Madeleine Elizabeth Pettit
Sasha Armand Renton De Lannoy
Yohanna Lae Titia Blainey Broker
Kyle Joseph Farwell
Kassidy Bree Talbot Davies
Cassidy Li
Jarrett Hui
Shiara Matias Dagdag 
Stephen Andrew Mustata
Christine Marie Oppedisano 

Joshua Taylor
Bianca Tremblay
Nicholas Feng Wu
The following students received high honours:
Natalie Maria Alvares
Ayda Babakhamseh
April Cherie Bayona
Victoria Lee Bojda 
Nicholas Matteo Calabrese 
Nathan Chan
Paul Andrew Claveria

Giselle Anne Credo
Parsa Davoodi
Adam Nicolas Di Salvo
Ricky Simon Duong
Olivia Yuen Embry
Brandon Carlos Damian Espinoza

The following students were recognized with the R Tait High Honours student award:

Manon Carolyne Helene Fowlds
Beata Carlotta Friesen
Paola Jacqueline Gonzalez
Margaret Harrington
Abigail Hatanaka
Jason He
Abigail Ifelunwa Idiagbor 
Vanessa Maria Karalis 
Daniel Junbum Kim
Jacquelin Amanda Kluge 
John Orest Koperwas
Anna Kostopoulos
Nicole Danielle Kuzmich 

Ryan Lau
Emma Louise Lavery
James Lee
Patrick Liang
Matthew Michael Loenhart 
Malcolm Low Hao
Adam Cheuk Him Lu
Stephanie Luu
Emily Greer MacPherson
Cherry Manzano 
Conner Kaname McQueen
Madison Melo 
Julie Amanda Morrow
Raquel Hoi Lam Ng 
Nikoleta Odorico
Dan Ha Park
Shalyn Jillian Pilgrim

Filomena Fatima Ritacca
Evelyn Shapiro
Stephanie South 
Kenneth Thomas Tam
Erika Helena Tworzyanski 
Madison Julia Vernooy 
Mariem Husam Eldin Mostafa Yousef 
Jian Kun Zhan 

Students recognized with the Harry Ebbs Improvement Award:

From year four:

Carley Wen Brissette
Angelica Julienne Bulauitan
Isis Alexa Camargo Gutierrez
Caseline Joy Capaz
Justin Alberto Carmona
Angela Betina Lagman Dela Cerna
Kaleigh Betty Donaldson
Allison Grace Goodbun
Connie Gozzard
Flora He 
Elise Marie Holt
Yong Si Hua

Grace Eun Hae Ju 
Alexandra Emily Kiznar 
Brenaven Kugamoorthy
Jamie Thuy Trang Le
Junmin Lee
Emily Greer MacPherson
Stephanie Moy
Andrew Oh
Christine Marie Oppedisano 
Brian Charles Petersen 
Emma Irene Rudachuk
Abhineet Singh Sethi

From year three:

Rehana Sobiyah Jainab Alli
Tavleen K Bains
Andrea Nicole Barrientos
Ron Boshoer
Christopher Marcus Brescacin
Carla Valentina Cisterna
Alessia Anne Cusimano

Julio Faria Carvalho
Shakiba Farnoud 
Irish Ecal Garcines 
Anthony Teresio Ierulli
Suhwoo Jung
Kristen Marie Lagerstrom
Ernest Liu
Nana-Kwame Owusu 
Joanne Park
Daniela Claudia Polce 
Betlihem Lulu Tadesse
Taylor Trussler
Yin Sum Matilda Wut
Noor Mazen Yaghi 

From year two:

Meir-Shimon-Eitan Amar
Jordyn Ashley Andreevski 
Eric Michael Antonen
Sabrina Anna Antonini 
Gurjot Singh Aujla
Saifallah Aly Ayyad
Tarkan Balta
Navraj Singh Brar
Josephine Catalanotto
Sarah-Grace Jenny Chai
Valerie Ching
Olivia Helen Devi Christendat
Mandy Ming Jung Chung
Ryan Thomas Denman
Megan Pearl Edwards-Allen
Kauser Fatima
Amirparsa Ghaemi
Vattanpreet Godhian
Dylan Adrian Han Mui 
Tesneem Hassini 
Courtney Anne Hlady
Nam Dong Ho

Megan Victoria How Soon Yuen
Daniya Idrissova
Ramsha Jaffar
Joshua Jeon
Emma Rose Jewer
Yong Jin Kim
Justin Konik
Kin Hang Lai
Andrans Cairbre Lam
Chunhao Li
Kostadinos Liounis
Yikai Liu
Lauren Julia MacDonnell
Julianna Manserra

Jacob Masih
Catherine Georgina Mata Leonidou 
Jasmine Taylor Da Silva Melo
Benjamin Alexander Moffat
Owen Patrick Moloney
Sydney Munro
Siu Pui Ng
Yaathavan Rajshankar
Melanie Rachelle Reyes
Alora Adeline Riddle

Sarah Elizabeth Ryan
Malieka Shahid
Tegroop Kaur Somal 
Karshana Srinivasan
Nicholas Mahesh Surat
Jessica Sureshkumar
Ashvin Vijiananthan
Maria Margretta Violo 
Christian Insoo Whang
Justin Liang Wu
Hong Zhu

Also recognized were the following experiential learning funds:

The Dr. Roy Shephard International Travel Fund
The Peter Klavora International Conference Award
The Women and Girls Research and Conference Fund and
The John and Nancy Wildman Experiential Learning Fund