Drop-In Trans-Positive Swim

Person floating in the water

Trans-Positive Swim is back! 

With our indoor facilities re-opening we are excited to continue to offer our trans-positive drop-in swim program!  Trans-Positive Swim runs each Thursday from 5:35 - 6:50pm. All participants will need to follow our facility's health and safety protocols while in attendance.  If you have any questions please contact us at edib.sportandrec@utoronto.ca

Registration needed, please sign up for your next swim HERE


Why offer Trans-Positive hours:

Trans-positive swim time is to reduce barriers that may prevent the transgender community from participating in swimming by offering dedicated pool time with privacy measures in place. Change rooms and pools can present a barrier for some trans people who might not feel welcome or comfortable in these spaces. This program is intended to create a welcoming environment for these participants.