Strength Seminar: Learn to Train

close up of hand gripping barbell
Open to All KPE Students
Open to KPE Graduate
Open to KPE Undergraduate
Open to U of T community
Open to U of T students
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Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, Room 221

What’s the difference between working out for strength vs. increasing muscle mass? Get the lowdown on sets, reps, tempo and how to apply them to your workout. A variety of examples and practical tools will help you maximize your time and focus your efforts to customize your own training program.

Whether you are a beginner or just want to get a deeper understanding in exercise design, this seminar is for you!

Our strength & nutrition seminars are free for students and members. However, you will need your membership card or TCard to access the facility where the seminars are being offered. Community members without a membership can attend the seminar by purchasing a day pass to access the facilities.