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Sport & Recreation is a part of the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education that offers sport and physical activity programs to the entire University of Toronto community.

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Find programs to help you build strength, achieve specific fitness goals, and discover a variety of strength and conditioning spaces.  Move together and discover group fitness workouts, unique workshops and events and instructional programs where you will learn to move in new and fun ways and meet new friends. Play your favourite sports on a drop-in or competitive basis through Intramurals, Tri-Campus league and club sports. Find your team and get your game on!

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Mental and physical wellness is crucial to having a healthy life and supporting academic success, and we are here to help you develop and maintain an active lifestyle.

Explore our wide range of offerings for all bodies and all levels to find your fit:



open gym


Our range of workout classes are great opportunities to schedule movement into your day and take a break from your desk! This is your chance to have fun with others and get some movement into your day with classes like:



Quick link: See the group fitness schedule.


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Just you and the weights! Come in to work out independently and take advantage of our world class strength and conditioning centres and use squat racks, weights, cardio machines and the latest equipment.



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recreational sports


Competitive sports

Grab your friends or your team and come out to play your favourite sports and activities in a casual and fun environment. From badminton to soccer.


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...and more!


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We have a variety of options to participate in competitive sports. From intramurals and intercollegiate athletics, there are a variety of opportunities to play the sports you love at the level of skill and commitment you want.


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Tri-Campus League

Club Sports

Varsity Blues


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Registered programs

Find your glide! Swimming is a great way to get a full body workout, develop cardiorespiratory fitness, and burn calories — all without putting too much strain on your joints. Sign up for a time slot to book your swim!


Quick links:

Lane swimming

Women-only swim hours

Trans Pool Hours



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Adult instruction programs are specific programs/lessons to develop an existing skill or teach you something new. Always wanted to try gymnastics or parkour or want to get better at tennis? These fee-based programs will be a great option for you!


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Aquatics instruction & certification

Tennis instruction

...and more!


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Child & Youth programs Events & conferences

Camp U of T and Junior Blues programming give child & youth program participants access to faculty and staff who have the latest knowledge about the science of physical activity.





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Building our community is an important aspect to what we do and we offer lots of unique social opportunities to do just that. With events and conferences focused around diversity, equity and inclusion as well as accessibility, everyone is welcome to participate and hopefully learn or experience something new!



Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion events & conferences

Trainer encouraging a female student

Personal training packages available!

Experience personalized coaching centered around you and leave every session feeling inspired and closer to achieving your goals. Tightly integrated with U of T’s Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, our coaching team is equipped with the knowledge and drive to help you maximize your fitness and performance…for life.


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