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Visit to sign up for instructional classes.

U of T students, staff and faculty can login and register with their UTORid. Community members will need an account on to login and register for classes.  For instructions on creating your account for, visit

Check-In and Cancellation Policies:

  • Courts will be available for booking at 10 p.m. each day.
  • Courts can be booked up to 4 days in advance and you may make two court reservations within a four-day period.
  • Checking in at the Athletic Centre equipment counter is now required for your court bookings. The equipment counter is located immediately on your right where you scan your card at the turnstiles.
  • Ask the staff to check you in on the computer at the equipment counter. Checking in will provide a record of your presence and let us know that the court is in use.
  • Participants who do not check in for their booking or who arrive late (10 minutes or longer) for their booking, will forfeit that booking.
  • Three forfeitures may result in the loss of access to the booking system on and booking privileges for a one-month period.
  • Racquets are provided for Level 1 instruction programs. Balls are provided for all instruction programs.
  • Racquets can be rented.
  • Water bottles are recommended.

Drop-in Tennis

Book a court and play tennis. Equipment is available for rent.

Intramural Tennis

We offer several tennis tournaments over the fall and winter terms in men's, women's and mixed categories. We also offer an open team tennis league over the fall and winter terms.

Tennis Level 1 Instruction

Learn the basics of the game. The mechanics of the ground-stroke, volley, serve, lob and overhead are introduced.

Tennis Level 2 Instruction

Progressing from skills learned in level 1, focus on improving the strokes that you already know and start using them in full-court play.

Tennis Level 3 Instruction

Can you sustain a rally of 8 - 10 strokes? Your strokes will be analyzed and improved and tactical considerations for singles and doubles are taught. Games are played.

Tennis Level 4 Instruction

This advanced class is for tennis players who play regularly, are proficient in all strokes and want to fine-tune strategy. 

Varsity Blues Men's Tennis

Schedules, recaps and everything you need to know about your Varsity Blues!

Varsity Blues Women's Tennis

Schedules, recaps and everything you need to know about your Varsity Blues!