Swimming & Water Sports


Visit recreation.utoronto.ca to sign up for instructional classes.

U of T students, staff and faculty can login and register with their UTORid. Community members will need an account on recreation.utoronto.ca to login and register for classes.

For instructions on creating your account for recreation.utoronto.ca, visit uoft.me/campusrec

  • Please bring with you appropriate and clean swimming attire.
  • Indoor sandals or shoes to wear on deck if desired.
  • Goggles and a swim cap are suggested for those who prefer.
  • Remember to bring a lock to secure belongings in the lockers available in the change rooms.
  • Towel service is available for an additional fee, or participants may bring their own towel to class.
  • Information about change rooms and washroom locations may be found under Facilities & Memberships.
  • A number of the Adult Swim courses are offered as small-group lessons and/or women-only lessons. There will be a maximum of 6 people in a small-group lesson.
  • Entrances to the pool deck will open a minimum of five minutes before the start of a lesson.
  • All participants must adhere to the Ministry of Health Regulations for Swimming Pools: Please no street shoes, glass, food or drinks on the pool deck.

Ensure you're registering for the correct level in your swim class by reviewing skill prerequisites.

For information on lifesaving and instructional certifications see Swimming Certifications.


Enjoy a group fitness workout in the water! This is a low impact class including cardio, core and strength conditioning exercises, in deep or shallow water; flotation belts provided. 


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Group Fitness

Adult Swim 1 - Absolute Beginner Instruction

Introduction to basic swimming skills: buoyancy, breathing, submersion of whole face in water and propulsion. No swimming skills required.

Adult Swim 2 - Basic Swim Instruction

Participants are taught front crawl, back crawl, treading water, and deep water skills when ready. Participants should be able to swim 10m on their front with face submerged, 10m on their back, and be able to complete a distance swim of 15m.

Adult Swim 3 - Intermediate Swim Instruction

Swimmers practice front crawl and back crawl and learn breast stroke, elementary back stroke and side stroke.  Participants should be able to swim 25m of front crawl, back crawl, and also be able to complete a distance swim of 50m.

Adult Swim 4 - Stroke Mechanics Instruction

Classes focus on improving stroke technique in front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. 

Adult Swim 5 - Swim Training Instruction

Participants are coached through a series of workouts. Workout distances average from 1 to 3.5 kilometres and accommodate a range of abilities. 

Drop-in Fun Swim

Dive, play, use inner-tubes and simply enjoy the pool at your leisure. Swimming with children? Please ensure that you review the supervision ratios to understand where and how children may swim safely.

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Family Programs (Drop-in)
Family Programs (Drop-in)
Swimming (Camp & Year Round)

Drop-in Swimming

Drop-in lane swimming is available in the 50 metre pool and 25 yard pool. Please see the schedule for available times.

Drop-in Swimming Women-only

Women-only drop-in lane swimming is available in the 25 yard pool during specified times, indicated by women-only on the right hand side of the schedule.  Staffed by women and the space is private. 

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Women-only Programs

Drop-in Trans-Positive Swim

Trans-Positive drop-in swimming is available in the 25 yard pool Thursday evenings, indicated by Trans-Positive on the right hand side of the schedule. This time is for trans, gender non-conforming, nonbinary and two-spirit students, members and friends.

Masters Swim Club

A club of ~ 50 members ranging in age (20 to 78 years), ability and swimming background. Compete in organized meets or complement your fitness routine with swimming.

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Triathlon & Masters Swimming

Masters' Swim Club

A club of ~ 50 members ranging in age (20 to 78 years), ability and swimming background. Compete in organized meets or complement your fitness routine with swimming.

Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons are offered in 30-minute sessions and are tailored to an individuals' needs. Requests for a specific instructor cannot be accommodated. For more information, please e-mail private.swim@utoronto.ca.

Springboard Diving Instruction

Divers learn basic skills in a safe and non-competitive environment. No diving experience is necessary, however participants must be comfortable jumping into deep water and able to complete the deep end swim test. 

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Synchronized Swimming Club

A competitive club in the Canadian University Synchronized Swimming league (CUSSL). For information write to uoftsynchro@gmail.com 

Varsity Blues - Open Swimming Tryouts

Interesting in playing for the Varsity Blues? The Open Tryouts schedule is available here.

Varsity Blues - Swimming

Schedules, recaps and everything you need to know about your Varsity Blues!

Women-only Swim Instruction

Women-only classes are offered for those who prefer or require privacy in the Absolute Beginner through Stroke mechanics levels.  Offerings may vary by term.

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Women-only Programs