Strength & Conditioning

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Choose from a variety of ways to get stronger!  

Drop-in strength and conditioning is available at the Athletic Centre and Goldring Centre.

Camps and instruction programs are registered programs with a focus on a specific level or activity within strength training. Class size of 4 - 8.

Strength Clinics offer a taste of the personal training experience.  Each clinic is 50 minutes long and focuses on one specific exercise. Class size of 4 - 8.

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U of T students, staff and faculty can login and register with their UTORid. Community members will need an account on to login and register for classes.

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  • Appropriate exercise clothing and proper athletic footwear are required.  

Drop-in Strength & Conditioning

Check out the daily drop-in schedules for the Athletic Centre and Goldring Centre Strength & Conditioning Centres.

Drop-in Strength & Conditioning Women-only

Offered at the Athletic Centre SCC and indicated by women-only on the right hand side of the schedule. Staffed by women and the space is private. Co-ed strength and conditioning is available in the field house and at Goldring during these times.

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Women-only Programs

Olympic Weightlifting Level I

This class is designed for beginners. Participants will learn the basics of weightlifting starting with the Olympic squat and deadlift and moving to the power snatch and power clean.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Level II

This class is designed for those with previous weight training experience. Participants will become more efficient at performing lifts and will learn to incorporate them into a workout.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Strength & Nutrition Seminars (Free)

Free seminars on strength training or nutrition topics are offered each term. Each seminar features an in-depth examination of a strength training or nutrition subject. The presenters are personal trainers and nutritionists. They will provide practical information you can apply to your workout routine or nutrition practices.


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Personal Training