Personal Training

A personal trainer coaches a young woman

Choose from a variety of ways to get stronger!  

Personal Training provides instruction at a ratio of one personal trainer to one client. Get individualized program and goal setting based on your schedule. 

Nutrition and Body Composition provides individualized consultation for your specific nutrition goals. Body composition includes analysis with the Bod Pod which is the gold standard for measuring body composition. These sessions are one trainer to one client to provide individualized program and goal setting based on your schedule.

Small Group Training allows you to arrange sessions with 2 - 4 friends. This is an affordable alternative to personal training and is based on the groups schedule and goals. Choose the people you want to train with, we are not able to provide a group.


Nutrition and Body Composition Packages

Track, evaluate and progress! Learn about your body composition and get individualized nutrition information based on your objectives and goals.

Personal Training

Individualized instruction from a certified personal trainer will motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Small Group Training

Interested in training with your friends to achieve your fitness goals? Small group training offers training for groups of 2-4 participants. Get the benefits of individualized instruction from a certified personal trainer at an affordable price.