Olympic Weightlifting

A woman lifting weights over her head

Visit recreation.utoronto.ca to sign up for instructional classes.

U of T students, staff and faculty can login and register with their UTORid. Community members will need an account on recreation.utoronto.ca to login and register for classes.

For instructions on creating your account for recreation.utoronto.ca, visit uoft.me/campusrec

  • Athletic attire, including running shoes, is required and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Gloves and belts are not required.
  • Classes are held at the Goldring Centre for High Performance and the Athletic Centre.
  • For the advanced lifter, or at times of the year when Olympic Weightlifting Level II classes are not offered, please note that we offer a wide range of personal and group training options that may suite your needs. Please consult Douglas Rosa, Coordinator, Personal Training and Nutrition at douglas.rosa@utoronto.ca for details.

Olympic Weightlifting Level I

This class is designed for beginners. Participants will learn the basics of weightlifting starting with the Olympic squat and deadlift and moving to the power snatch and power clean.

Olympic Weightlifting Level II

This class is designed for those with previous weight training experience. Participants will become more efficient at performing lifts and will learn to incorporate them into a workout.