Introduction to Strength Training (Year round) & Speed, Power & Agility (Camp) - cancelled summer 2022

A teenager pushing a training sled

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Camp U of T general policies including age guidelines, refunds, and transfer information.

Camp U of T general FAQs and other information such as the Camp Code, supervision ratios, pre and post camp supervision, swimming and more.

Camp U of T information on how to register including registration forms for in-person and faxed registrations.  To register for a Speed, Power & Agility camp online click on the learn more button below or, go directly to the online registration system. 

Introduction to Strength Training

The Junior Blues Introduction to Strength Training program introduces young participants to strength training fundamentals with a focus on form and technique.  

March Break - Speed, Power & Agility

Ages 12 TO 17

Introduction to Strength and Conditioning Workshops:
These novice level workshops are for youth who are beginning their active lives. Be introduced to the concepts and myths of strength and interval training.

Speed, Power and Agility:
Improve your game, whatever sport you play – by focusing on plyometrics, explosive starts and conditioning for teen athletes.

Summer Camp - Speed, Power & Agility

What’s the difference between a good season and a great season? Want to get to the ball faster or evade your opponents more easily?