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U of T students, staff and faculty can login and register with their UTORid. Community members will need an account on to login and register for classes.

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  • For safety reasons participants should come prepared for activity with close fitting clothes, hair tied back and jewellery removed.
  • Gymnasts are generally in bare feet.
  • Water bottles are recommended.

Privacy Notice: Personal information (name, address, phone number) will be disclosed to Gymnastics Ontario for membership registration for all but Circus classes.

Coaches have the authority to decide which skills will be practiced or what progressions are required to attempt certain skills.

The Lower Gym at the Athletic Centre is a permanent gymnastics installation with many different types of apparatus.

Circus Silks Basics Instruction

Impressed by Cirque Du Soleil?  Then you have to give this class a try. Climb, perform, get strong and have fun!

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Circus Silks

Circus Silks Intermediate Instruction

Want to take your circus silk skills to the next level? Then this is the class for you. 

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Circus Silks

Gymnastics Body Conditioning

These classes  offer participants an opportunity to improve their strength, flexibility, spatial awareness and overall fitness level in a safe, fun environment.

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Gymnastics Fundamentals

This program is designed for people with little or no experience in gymnastics.  Learn basic gymnastics skills that will help improve your overall strength, agility and flexibility.  Through progression-based teaching methods participants in this program will be encouraged to develop their gymnastics skills and improve at their own pace.

Gymnastics Instruction

Learn  skills to improve your overall strength, agility and flexibility. Through progression-based teaching methods, participants will develop their gymnastics skills and improve at their own pace.

Parkour Gymnastics Basics Instruction

This class will teach you the building blocks to flip, run up walls like a superhero and cap it all off with a graceful roll. Learn how to jump, land, flip, climb and balance safely. 

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Private & Semi-private Instruction

Limited times are available for private trampoline or gymnastics lessons. For more information please contact Barb Brophey at 416-978-7381 or by email.

Trampoline Instruction

Trampolining is a fun and exciting way to improve your overall fitness level. Participants will be motivated to improve their abilities at their own pace.

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