Group Fitness (Drop-in)

A group of women exercising

A variety of instructor-led drop-in group fitness classes are available at the Athletic Centre and Goldring Centre. All abilities are welcome. Movements can be modified as needed. Join at any time, no registration required.

Equipment is provided including fitness and yoga mats, blocks, straps and weights when included in a class.

Bring a water bottle; water bottle filling stations are available in all facilities.

Remember to bring a lock to secure your belongings in the change rooms. Bags are not permitted in the field house and other areas may have very limited storage.

Participants are welcome to bring their own yoga mat.

Wear comfortable athletic attire that is easy to move in. Appropriate non-marking, soft-soled athletic shoes (e.g. aerobics/cross-training/running shoes) are essential for all programs except Yoga, Nia, Fusion, and Aquafit.

Most participants prefer not to wear shoes during Yoga, Nia and Fusion classes. Individuals are welcome to wear socks, athletic or toe shoes in these classes if they wish.

Clean bathing attire is required for Aquafit. Clean, non-outdoor water shoes can be worn in the pool but are not required. We recommend clean indoor flip flops and a towel or robe for getting to and from the change room.

Flotation belts and other equipment are provided for deep water Aquafit classes.

All fitness levels are encouraged to participate in drop-in classes. If you are a beginner and have specific questions, please feel free to arrive early and speak to the instructor before class begins.

We recommend that participants who have existing health concerns consult a member of their healthcare team before participating in fitness activities including the group fitness drop-in programs.

Please inform the instructor of any existing health concerns or injuries before the start of each class. Instructors often provide options of varying intensity. Participants are encouraged to listen to further modify exercises as desired.

Please arrive on time. Late arrivals can be disruptive to other participants, particularly in meditation and yoga classes.

Check that your phone ringer and other notifications are turned off before beginning a meditation or yoga class.

Be scent free. Many individuals are affected by scents, please respect that others may be more sensitive to scents and odours.

Clean your mat after class and put away any equipment neatly in the designated location.

Leave your personal belongings in the change room, remember a lock! There is limited space in the dance studio and fitness studio for personal belongings. Bags and personal belongings are not permitted in multi-use facilities such as the field house.

Athletic Centre (AC), 55 Harbord St

FH 1 = Field House East side

FH 2 =Field House North side

FH 3 = Field House South side

FH 2/3 = Field House both

DS = Dance Studio

25 yd = 25 yd pool on the main floor

Goldring Centre (GC) for High Performance Sport, 100 Devonshire Place

FS = Fitness Studio

Back Campus, (BC) Hoskin and Tower Rod

E = East Field W= West Field


Drop-in Aquafit

Enjoy a group fitness workout in the water! This is a low impact class including cardio, core and strength conditioning exercises, in deep or shallow water; flotation belts provided. 


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Swimming & Synchronized Swimming

Drop-in BollyX

A Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. This cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating and motivated like an Indian film star!

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Drop-in Boot Camp Fun

Total body workout that includes cardio, intervals, sports conditioning, core and strength conditioning.

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Interval Training

Drop-in Fit Mix

An innovative workout blending elements of a variety of classes such as Cardio & Conditioning, Cardio & Core, Movin' Muscle & Fusion, Interval Training & Core, Dance & Movement, or other combinations.

Drop-in Fusion

This class is a blend of fitness conditioning exercises, postures and stretches that improve core strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.

Drop-in HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods. Push yourself with this advanced high intensity interval-based workout, and get ready to sweat.

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Interval Training

Drop-in Interval Training

A challenging, intense interval workout. Alternates cardio and strength drills for optimum results.

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Interval Training

Drop-in Mindful Yoga & Meditation (U of T Mindful Moments)

Be more calm, confident and connected. Practice mindfulness meditation with yoga to increase relaxation, resiliency, and focus. These classes are part of the University of Toronto Mindful Moments program. 

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Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness

Drop-in Move IT

A new and unique approach to interval training, integrating Nia fitness moves inspired by dance, martial arts, and healing arts.  

Also offered for

Interval Training
Martial Arts
Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness

Drop-in Stretch & Relax

Release tension and calm the mind. Improve posture, enhance breathing and experience the benefits of stretching in a group.

Also offered for

Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness

Drop-in Strong by Zumba®

Combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synched Music Motivation. 

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Interval Training

Drop-in Yoga

This class supports core strength, flexibility and mind-body connection. Emphasis on safety and alignment. 

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Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness

Drop-in Zoomer Fit

Designed with the active older adult combines low-impact aerobic options, muscular strength and endurance conditioning and flexibility training.

Drop-in Zumba®

This extremely popular Latin dance-inspired class fuses cardio with choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a fitness party!

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