Small Group Training

Interested in training with your friends to achieve your fitness goals? Then small group training is for you!  Small group training offers you the opportunity to train with a group of 2-4 participants, and you will enjoy the benefits of individualized instruction from a certified personal trainer at an affordable price. Your trainer will motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals faster by selecting science-based and appropriate exercises and exercise progressions for each member of the group. Your trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals faster by providing motivation to succeed as well as the appropriate exercise progressions for each member of the group. 

To register for Small Group Training, our personal training and nutrition coordinator will need to create a barcode so you and your group can register. To register, please email Douglas Rosa at with the following information:

1)      Number of sessions you and your group would like to register for e.g. 4, 8 or 12.
2)      Names and student numbers of the participants in your group.
3)      Possible dates & times when you would prefer to have your group training sessions.
4)      Each person of your group will need to fill out the client profile form + PAR-Q at the moment of the payment. 

The personal training & nutrition coordinator will set up a barcode for you and your group. Once you have the barcode you can register at either the membership office at the Athletic Centre or at the service desk at Goldring Centre by providing the barcode and your client profile form. 



Non-member fee*

4 group training sessions PT  ($32/session)

$128.00/per person + tax (max 4 participants)

$195.00/per person + tax (max 4 participants)

8 group training sessions PT ($30/session)

$240.00 per person + tax (max 4 participants)

$350.00 per person + tax (max 4 participants)

12 group training sessions ($28/session)

$336.00 per person + tax (max 4 participants)