Sensory Information during Movement (age 17-47, right handed, no musical training)

The Perceptual Motor Behaviour Laboratory (WS2021F) at the University of Toronto is currently recruiting participants for a study examining the use of sensory information during movement. The study involves performing voluntary movements to multiple targets in a sequence with auditory, visual, or audiovisual pacers (i.e., metronome). 


You are eligible to participate if you meet the following requirements:    


     1) between 17 – 47 years of age, 

     2) have normal vision, or corrected-to-normal vision, 

     3) dominantly use your right hand & right eye, and

     4) have not had formal music training within the last 10 years 


You will be compensated for your time at a rate of $5/thirty minutes. The study takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The risks associated with participating in this study are considered minimal and will be explained to you in the lab. Please note that participation is limited and replying to this advertisement does not guarantee participation. 


If you answered yes to all of the above noted criteria, and are interested in participating, please contact Anna by e-mail at