Motor Control after Eccentric arm Exercise Study

You are invited to participate in a research study in the Perceptual Motor Behaviour Laboratory (WS2021) at the University of Toronto examining the use of sensory information before and after eccentric exercise. In this experiment you will be asked to point to different targets with the unseen limb. You will be asked to complete a bout of eccentric exercise on the elbow flexors or extensors that reflect a typical workout. 

Are you: 

     1) between 18 – 47 years of age, and 

     2) have normal vision or corrected-to-normal vision, and 

     3) free from major neurological conditions and previous arm injuries 

     4) right-handed 

     5) recreationally active

If so, you may qualify to participate in this study. You will be compensated for your time ($20) and one session lasting 1.5 hours will be required to complete the experiment. The risks associated with participation in this study will be explained to you on first contact with the experimenter. At the same time, we will ask some questions to confirm your eligibility. 

If you are interested, please contact Damian Manzone by email at