Junior Blues Introductory & Junior Skating

These classes combine introductory and junior skaters. Skaters are grouped on the first day according to ability. Skills taught include basic balance, moving forwards and backwards to turning and crossovers (Pre-beginner to Level 5). This class is for children four to 15 years old.


Children registering in Introductory Skating for the first time must be able to stand up and take a few steps on dry ground while wearing skates (with skate guards). This helps to ensure that they have the necessary ankle strength and beginning balance to have a successful experience in class.

We ask that prior to the start of class parents help their children to practice putting on the skates and standing up to become familiar with the sensation.

Program Information


Please note that our Junior Blues Skating program does not run during the Spring and Summer 2018 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions Introductory & Junior Skating

How do I enter the facility?
All skating classes are held at Varsity Centre. Enter through the Pavilion at the south end. Participants must pick up a facility access pass on the first day of classes and are required to show the pass when entering the facility. Please ensure that you leave enough time to pick up your access pass and get to class on time for the first day.

Please remember the pass if you leave the facility for any reason.

What is the minimum age?
All children must be a minimum of four by the first day of class.

What should my child wear and bring?

  • Participants must supply their own skates. Please ensure that skates are properly fitted and sharpened. Skates can be either figure skates or hockey skates. Plastic skates with buckles are not recommended. Bobskates or two bladed skates are not permitted.
  • Helmets are mandatory for Introductory Skating, Junior Skating and Power Skating. Helmets must be CSA approved and full face masks are strongly recommended. Bike helmets are not acceptable.
  • Participants in Introductory Skating and/or Junior Skating should wear splash pants and mitts or gloves.

Can classes be observed?
Parents must remain in Varsity Arena while classes are in progress
to supervise any needed washroom breaks. Only participants are allowed on the ice.

What skills are being taught?
U of T follows a six level learn to skate curriculum, three levels are included in the Introductory Skate program and three levels in the Junior Skate program. Participants may then choose power skating and continue to build their skills or visit Skate Ontario to find a figure skating club in your area.


Skating classes are held at the Varsity Centre. Check your receipt to ensure you know where the class is being held.

Change room and washroom location information may be found here.