Junior Blues Gymnastics Teens

Gymnastics Teens is for young women 12 years of age and older. This weekday program concentrates on the goals and interests of each individual with goal-setting and supportive coaching. No experience is needed. All levels welcome.

Program Information


There are no classes scheduled on the following dates: May 19 & 20, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions - Gymnastics Teens

How do I enter the facility?
Tuesday and Thursday Teen Gymnastics should pick up a green access pass from the main office and use the main Athletic Centre entrances to access the lower gym. Participants will also be able to access the gym via the back doors of the gym off of Harbord Street. An access pass is required for all participants.

All gymnastics programs and participants
Remember that if you leave the premises for any reason and wish to re-enter thorough the main turnstiles you will need to show your green access pass every time. Again, please ensure that you leave sufficient time to anticipate lineups at the main office if you require a new card to replace a lost or forgotten card.

Where can I leave my stroller/scooter/bike?
All strollers, scooters and bikes must be kept outside the facility. Most of our hallways are fire exits and are required to be kept clear. Please remember to bring a lock for your stroller if you would like to lock it to the bike racks.

What should my child wear and bring?

  • Close fitting clothing, leotards or shorts, leggings, tops and tank tops are all acceptable.
  • No oversized clothing.
  • No jewellery.
  • Long hair must be tied back with an elastic; no bobbles.
  • No shoes are worn during classes.

Can classes be observed?
Please note that parents are not allowed in the gym while programs are in progress. This policy has been instituted for the safety of all participants. Please pay careful attention to the notice board outside the lower gym for upcoming events and open houses. If you would like to speak with your child's coach outside of weekend program time, please contact Barb Brophey at 416-978-7381 or barb.brophey@utoronto.ca to arrange a meeting.

What skills are being taught?
The small class size allows for teens to work directly with the coach to set personal goals for which skills they would like to develop and what progressions will help them to achieve their goals. U of T follows CANGYM; Gymnastics Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation program for artistic gymnastics. Children progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels with four badges in each level.


Dance + Movement classes are held at the Athletic Centre. Check your receipt to ensure you know where the class is being held.

Change room and washroom location information may be found here.