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Each year, over 12,000 students play intramural sports at U of T. With different levels of competition through leagues, tournaments and special events, it’s a great way to make friends and enrich your university experience! 

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How to Join a Team

Who Can Play?

During the fall/winter months, participation is limited to U of T students only. Staff, faculty and alumni may be permitted under certain restrictions.

During the summer months, community members who have purchased an athletic membership are also permitted to participate. Once you have joined your team, you will need to ensure you have joined your team's roster on 

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To form or join a team, contact your college or faculty intramural representative for information. A list of intramural representatives is available below:


Player’s Pool (Free Agents)

a) A student is eligible for the pool if he/she is a student proceeding to a degree in a College or Faculty where no team is sponsored. Application as a free agent can be made directly on IMLeagues. Simply click on the league(s) you wish to join, then click on Join as a Free Agent. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. Once joined you will be visible to all the members of the site.

b) In addition, participants may enter the players’ pool where he/she wishes to play on a team in a higher division than that entered by his/her college or faculty.

c) Any individual wishing to participate in Coed Activities who does not belong to a competing unit, can register at the Intramural Office.

d) The same rules regarding eligibility and conduct apply to members of a player’s pool team.

e) A player, once picked up, remains with that team for the year.


How to Register a Team


1. Connect with your ISC Rep
If you are affiliated with a college or faculty on campus you can form your own team or you can express interest on your own. Both options require you to connect with your Intramural rep who will submit the teams on your behalf. Independent teams with no affiliation please refer to #3 below.


2. Re-Entry
All U of T Intramural recognized colleges/faculties are guaranteed one team in either division 1 or division 2. Additional teams and independent teams that finished in the top 75% and were in good standing at the end of the last played season have the right to re-enter, in all sports and all divisions. Note: This will be effective for the 2020/21 Intramural Season


3. Payment & Entry Deadlines
Anyone wishing to re-enter a team or to ballot for a team in a particular sport must notify the Intramural Office prior to the entry deadline. For independent teams, this notification comes in the form of a completed Team Entry form with contact information and payment, and can be processed at the membership desks of the Athletic and Varsity Centres. Colleges & Faculties must complete their entries using the registration tool provided.

Please do not register your team on IMLeagues prior to registering and paying for your team. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your team on IMLeagues.


4. Ballot Meetings
There will be a ballot meeting where we will ballot for all sports on one evening. If your team put in a team entry form requesting to ballot for a sport, you MUST have a representative on hand at the meeting. Failure to do so will result in your team being removed from the ballot.


5. Captains' Meetings
Once the ballot meetings have been completed, all teams that have re-entered and successfully won the lottery to get into the league MUST attend the league's captains' meeting. At this meeting, schedules will be distributed; rules and all pertinent league information will be discussed. Once all present teams agree on the schedule it will be posted on IMLeagues prior to your first games.


If a team misses a Captains' Meeting and did not give written regrets to Intramural Office staff 24 hours prior to the meeting, the team will be subject to the following penalties:
i) Fine of $35
ii) If the fine is not paid within 48 hours, the team is removed from the league.
As a courtesy the Intramural Office will make every effort, where possible, to notify the reps/captains of the missed meeting. However, the onus is on the reps/captains to find this information out on their own.