Investigating upper-limb reaching movements (age 60+, right handed)

The Perceptual-Motor Behavior Laboratory under the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at University of Toronto is conducting a study investigating upper-limb reaching movements. 

The study includes a visual acuity test, followed by the experimental protocol of reaching movements.

Participant Criteria:

  • Right handed
  • Above the age of 60 years old (60+)
  • Have no chronic arm/back/shoulder pain
  • No recent concussions (in the past 5 years)

What is involved?

  • 90-minute lab visit to the Goldring Centre for high performance sport
  • Upper-limb reaching movements


  • You will be paid at a rate of $10/hour for your time (with a minimum of $15)
  • Exposure to current Motor learning research
  • Exposure to motor learning technology


If you are interested, please contact Selina at