Fencing Salle


The Fencing Salle is located on the basement sub-floor of the Athletic Centre. To access the Fencing Salle, turn left as you exit the change rooms past the towel counter in the basement. Proceed through the hallway past the mechanical rooms. Turn left at the end of that hallway, proceed past the labs and walk up a half flight of stairs. The Fencing Salle will be on the right side, opposite the Lower Gym. 


The Fencing Salle features a hardwood floor, mirrors, permanent barres, and a sound system. Square-footage: 1,760-square-feet. 

Primarily used for fencing, instructional classes, and martial arts clubs. Secondary uses include practical learning classrooms, day camps, and other special events. Learn more about available Sport & Rec offerings in the Fencing Salle here.


Available for Student Group Access bookings and for community rentals