Certifications - Prerequisites

Bronze Medallion & Emergency First-Aid:

Minimum 13 years of age OR Bronze Star certification required (need not be current). Information about Lifesaving Society programs can be found at www.lifesavingsociety.com.

Bronze Cross:

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid (need not be current).

National Lifeguard Certification:

Minimum 16 years of age by exam date. Bronze Cross certification and Standard First Aid certification from one of Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance or Canadian Ski Patrol (need not be current).

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Transfer Course:

Registrants must be a minimum of 16 years of age. Must provide documentation of one of the following current certifications: Lifesaving Instructor, Lifesaving Swim Instructor, YMCA Instructor, Sears I Can Swim Teacher or Toronto Ultra Swim Instructor.

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course:

Registrants must be 15 years of age at the time of the first class and have Emergency First Aid (or higher) or Bronze Cross. Registrants must be able to perform water safety skills and strokes to meet highest performance criteria of Red Cross Swim Kids program (level 10).

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Re-Certification:

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification acquired since 1996. Must provide valid proof of certification.