Male Endurance-Trained Participants

Wanted: Male Endurance-Trained Participants

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto is conducting a study to determine protein requirements in endurance-trained men. We will be using a new method to determine how exercising with low vs. high carbohydrate availability impacts protein requirements.

Who can participate?

• Healthy, endurance-trained males aged 18-40 years

• Currently run at least 40 km/week or perform endurance exercise at least 4.5 hours/week

What’s involved?

• A total of six visits to the lab in the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport

• Body composition and fitness (VO2max) testing

• 4 days of provided food (pre-packaged meals)

• 2 metabolic trials involving: High-intensity interval exercise in the evening (day 1), followed by a 10-km run the next morning (day 2). Day 2 will involve hourly drinks over 8 hours and breath and urine collection after the run.

What’s in it for you?

• Body composition and fitness assessment (VO2max test) using advanced technology

• Remuneration for your time and effort

Please contact Dr. Daniel Moore ( or Dr. Jenna Gillen ( for details