Tuition, Fees & Funding

MSc Tuition

MSc tuition fees for 2019-20 is $7,850.92 for domestic students and $26,046.90 for international students.

International students must pay international student fees unless they are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident.

For a full breakdown of the fees, please take a look at:

MSc Funding

We have guaranteed funding for two years at the master's level. Current funding guarantee for domestic master's students is $16,000.00 (per year). Funding is comprised of income from scholarships/fellowships, departmental support and income earned as a teaching assistant.

Current funding guarantee for international master's students is $28,153.00 (these amounts are to cover the larger cost of tuition for international students).

It should be noted that international students are not usually eligible to apply for external awards and should in all cases apply for whatever funding is available to them in their home country.

Requirements for Funding

Students must be in good standing and be making progress towards completion of their degree in order to receive the graduate funding.

In all cases, graduate students will not receive any less than the minimum funding guarantee unless they waive a portion of the income.

External Awards

In cases where students in the funded cohort receive an external, competitively reviewed award valued at or over $15,000 per annum (e.g., OGS, SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) that award will stand in lieu of the stipend portion of the funding package from the Department. The Department will, to acknowledge the excellence of award recipients, offer a top-up equivalent to 10% of the award value (to MSc students) each year that they hold the external award and remain in the funded cohort. These students continue to be eligible to work as a teaching or research assistants if they wish to.