Emergency Response Training

Required for all new employees, designated first aiders and anyone who hasn’t taken an Emergency Response Training in the past 2-3 years. The training prepares staff for emergencies that may arise on our premises because of the amount of physical activity people engage in here. The training covers 911 know-how and activation of designated first aiders; emergency action plans for each facility/location we use; evacuation procedures; other emergency resources on campus; and documentation and follow up, including information about who to contact.

Speak to your manager/supervisor about this training session.

Basic Emergency Response (ERT I)

The training prepares staff for emergencies that may arise on our premises including areas that are less expected like office areas. The training is a one hour in-house session that covers the basics about what to do in the event of an emergency. How to activate 911 to access emergency medical services, how to get on-site first aid help for a medical emergency and evacuation procedures will be covered.

Prerequisites: None
Requirement: for all positions

Emergency Response Training (ERT II)

This 3 hour workshop is a hands-on practice session for staff who are designated first aid providers (require CPR and first-aid for their positions). The aim is opportunities to practice both minor and major medical situations as well as evacuation procedures and to become familiarized with site specific equipment, communication protocols and and emergency procedures with the use of mock situations (e.g. using walkie talkies, AEDs, etc) while practicing first aid itself.

ERT1, and a current SFA/CPR certificate
Requirement: for all designated first aiders

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