Academic Planning 2013-2022

In 2013, the Faculty launched its first academic plan. The plan set out the foundations of important future legacies and articulated strategic priorities by which to create new, research-informed paradigms for sport and physical activity and to shape programs and policy, locally, provincially and nationally. The academic plan proved to be an important decision-making framework. For the last five years, the four strategic goals shaped priority setting, planning and the use of resources.

The Faculty completed and obtained Faculty Council approval for an extension to the academic plan. This extension will continue to guide the Faculty and its decision making and focus through to 2022.

The academic plan extension sets out priorities (some new and some continuing) for each of the Faculty’s strategic goals. Priorities have been shaped by key learnings from ongoing reviews of the Faculty’s programs, services and achievements since 2013. Stakeholders also provided essential feedback and new ideas that have informed the Faculty’s understanding of the changing landscape and its emerging priorities.

The academic plan extension, shared below, sets out the Faculty’s plans to maintain academic excellence, to generate and apply new knowledge, to graduate students who are informed and prepared to be leaders in their fields, support a positive student experience and the acquisition of skills for post-university success.

In January 2022, the Faculty launched a new strategic planning process. The new Plan is scheduled to be complete and launched in the Fall of 2022.